State Of Miami Beach

State of Miami Beach

The City of Miami Beach recently published their “State of the City” report, outlining the Mayor, City Commission, and City Manager’s plans for making Miami Beach a “21st Century City, and the steps they’ve outlined for achieving their goals.

Three of the largest industries in Miami Beach are Hospitality/tourism, real estate development, and healthcare. The city administration continues to concentrate their efforts on supporting the local economy and infrastructure, further cultivating an environment for growth and innovation.

Miami Beach being a global tourism destination, the city’s administration has developed plans for renovating a state of the art convention center, in an effort to attract more Art-Basel and home design type shows. This, in turn, boosts the occupancy of the city’s first class hotel and fine dining establishments.

One key element missing from Miami Beach is a world-class educational institution. Universities have historically been catalysts for start-up environments, creating jobs and boosting community prosperity. For this reason, the city administration is in discussion with several international universities to locate a campus in North Beach. Their hopes are to expand the tech-boom on Miami Beach, which is already flourishing in Wynwood and the design district.

The limiting 7.1 square miles of Miami Beach consequently is victim to increased traffic congestion. In order to relieve this, Mayor Gimenez and Mayor Regalado are creating a transportation network, connecting Miami and Miami Beach via a Baylink system, otherwise known as a rapid bus transit program. In addition, free trolleys provide reliable services every 10-15 minutes, routes including and Alton and West Avenue route, and a North Beach loop.

With ongoing improvements to the city’s infrastructure and economic development, it is no doubt that Miami Beach will continue to rival the world’s major cities in regards to the arts, architecture, tourism and residents’ overall quality of life.

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