Has Your Home Failed To Sell When It Was On The Market?


Have you had your home on the market before and failed to find a buyer?


Do you find that a lot of people see your home but don’t place offers?


Or maybe, you didn’t have many showings at all!


I’m Ashley Dortch, and my team here at Douglas Elliman Real Estate specializes in selling homes that failed to sell the first, second, even more times before.


How do we do this? Here are the top 7 marketing techniques that our team of dedicated advertising specialists utilize to strategically and successfully market homes throughout Queens and Long Island.


  1. Facebook Marketing – Facebook is not just for sharing family pictures. It has become an online marketplace for selling, trading, and swapping many goods and items. And real estate is no exception. From creating open house events and boosting them to the neighborhood, to posting your listing in local facebook groups, our team has mastered the technique of getting the most exposure for your property on Facebook


  1. Email Marketing. Our team not only sends a professionally designed email with your home to our personal client list, we have the enormous benefit of emailing every one of the Douglas Elliman agents in Long Island, Queens and Manhattan. We use our expansive network of active buyers and real estate professionals to uncover qualified buyers for all of our listings.


  1. Instagram – As most of us know, Instagram uses visually appealing pictures and videos to engage users online and drive traffic to products. Our digital marketing team will create beautiful, professionally edited videos of your property, and have them be found through local neighborhood searches via Hashtags. Users on Facebook may not be on Instagram, and users on Instagram may not be on Facebook. Therefore, we like to market on both, ensuring everyone in the local market has seen your home.


  1. Google Retargeting – For each of our listings, we build a dedicated webpage which we place several “cookies” on. Not the kind you eat, they are code which marks interested buyers who visit your page, then allowing us to continue to market to these buyers across the web. Have you ever looked for a pair of shoes, or a car online, and for weeks later continue to see ads for those items? We implement the same technique for your house, and believe us… it works!


5) Third Party Aggregator Optimization – As a real estate professional, understanding how to attract the most visibility on various real estate websites such as Trulia and Zillow are key to stand out against the competition. Our team has a thorough understanding of how the various website algorythms work, and use it to our advantage to ensure that your home beats the competition. This is always evolving, so it is our duty to stay on top of the portals and changes them implement in their systems.


6) Proper Pricing – Determining fair market value and competitive pricing for a home is a large part of a successful real estate transactions. Introducing a home to market at a reasonable market price attracts the right buyers and results n netting the most money for the sale of your home. Price to high? And other homes use yours as an example of how theirs is a better value. too low? Some believe it’s impossible to price too low, as multiple offer scenarios usually result. And although this may be true in some markets and price points, it is not always. So choosing a highly skilled real estate professional who understands market metrics and home price statistics is key.


7) Digital Real Estate Syndication – Douglas Elliman Real Estate provides all of our listings the unique advantage of placing our listings not only on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com but also

  • NYTimes
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Newsday
  • NYPost
  • StreetEasy if it is in NYC,
  • Knight Frank if over 1 Million
  • Elliman.com

Should you have any questions regarding our home marketing process, or the real estate market in general, please call Ashley Dortch directly – 347-268-4089.

Ashley Dortch

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Douglas Elliman Real Estate

30A West Park Ave

Long Beach, NY 11561