Feng Shui Traditional Bagua

Feng Shui your Condo using a Bagua

The first step one takes when incorporating Feng Shui principals into their home is analyzing the space with a Bagua. A Bagua is a map used to plan the incorporation of  various elements and colors, with the purpose of harmonizing the space. Each area of the condo, as specified by the Bagua, effects a different area of life.

Below is a simplified version of a Bagua. Notice that the bottom of the Bagua should be aligned with the entrance. Feng Shui for condos or multi family dwellings can be a bit trickier to “optimize” than those of single family homes because in condo or apartment buildings, there is an entrance to the building itself, and entrance to the unit, and on some units a large picture window or open balcony. In condos, if you have a large picture window opening to a balcony, use this as your main entrance. However, if you only have a door entering the unit, use the door to the unit as your main entrance. You should not use the entrance to the condo for optimizing the space.


Once the rooms are planned out, incorporate various elements into each designated space in the home. For example, if you have a large balcony in the right-most corner of your home (according to the direction of your bagua) perhaps you’d want to incorporate metal chairs and a gray outdoor rug into the space. Or if your kitchen is in the red area, place red curtains and red kitchen accessories throughout the space.

The changes don’t have to be drastic. I’d be thrilled to hear your feedback if you decide to incorporate certain elements in your space! Comment below, or email me at ashley [dot] dortch [at] gmail.com.

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