7 Items to Remove From A Home to Improve Feng Shui

Below are 7 items which drain Chi, and should be removed in an effort to promote positive energy throughout a home. These should especially be tended to when placing a home on the market, as they are distracting and send negative signals to buyers.

Dried Flowers – Energetically, flowers which have been dried and preserved epitomize death, and are representative of our spirits. Using them sparingly, if at all, is advised by most Feng Shui consultants. This includes potpourri.

Televisions from Bedrooms – Electronics, even in their off states, emit “Electromagnetic Frequencies” or EMF’s. EMFs tend to disrupt sleep and relaxation, so it is suggested to remove any electronics from the bedroom. If this can’t be accomplished due to space confinement, either place the TV or radio in a media cabinet which can be closed, or drape the electronics with a cloth. Additionally, when buyers see a room that is used for more than one purpose, they tend to think that there isn’t enough space and equate it to “cramped”.

Broken Mirrors – In Feng Shui, mirrors are important amplifiers of energy, and are creators of abundance. Broken mirrors cause energetic havoc, and increase frustration. They also distort any good energy. Removing and replacing is the best way to correct the issue.

Electric Cords – Although it is nearly impossible to remove all of the electric cords in a home, we can certainly remove them from visual sight. Creative ways to camouflage cords is with plants, baskets, or arranging furniture to conceal them. Once out of sight, cords are no longer energetically distracting.

Stacks of Papers – Whether it be newspapers, magazines, personal financial papers, stacks of cluttered papers block Chi. Remove any piles, they will be distracting to the buyer. If you don’t have time to sift through them, place them neatly out of sight during showings. Piles of disorganized papers weighs upon occupants as they walk through your home.

“No Solicitors” Signs – Not only does this tell the buyer that the home isn’t sending a welcoming signal to visitors, it also indicates that the home has a lot of traffic from sales people. This applies similarly to home protection stickers, as it indicates that the neighborhood requires extra protection. If you decide to leave both on the home, ensure the signs themselves are put on in an orderly and neat fashion.   

Posters with Angry Images – Many teens cover their room with posters of goth bands, heavy metal bands, rappers, video game characters and the such. Communicating with teens about the importance of making the home show as impeccably as possible, awarding the teens for removing the posters would be a great way to promote open communication. Although buyers understand teenage tendencies, they are still distractions and should be removed.





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