Schools in Miami Per Neighborhood

Many find the average public school ratings in Miami to be a challenge when considering neighborhoods to move to. To the contrary, there are exceptional schools throughout Dade County, both public and private. Below are several, to name a few.

Key Biscayne

  • Key Biscayne K-8 Center
    • Great Schools Rating: 10 of 10
    • http://www.greatschools.org/florida/key-biscayne/649-Key-Biscayne-K-8-Center/
  • Mast Academy (Grades 9 – 12)
    • Great Schools Rating: 10 of 10
    • http://www.greatschools.org/florida/key-biscayne/870-Mast-Academy/

Brickell Key

  • Key Point Elementary Brickell (tuition applies)
    • School website – http://www.keypointacademybrickell.com/index.php
  • La Prima Casa Montessori (tuition applies)
    • http://www.laprimacasa.com/

Coconut Grove

  • Coconut Grove Elementary
    • Great Schools Rating: 8 of 10

South of Fifth (South Beach

  • South Point Elementary School
    • Great Schools Rating: 10 of 10


A wonderful resource to research schools and districts is GreatSchools.com – There, you can read parent and student reviews, an compare schools according to ratings base on national averages.

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