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Feng Shui for Selling Your Home

Feng Shui (Pronounced Fung Schway) is the ancient Chinese practice of balancing harmony in our physical environments, bringing nature into design. In the Ancient Orient, many used the placement of items in a home, workplace, or farm, to increase “Chi” also knows as positive energy/life-force. Chi is referred to as “Prahna” in India, “Pneuma” in Greek, “Spiritus” to ancient Romans, “Ruah” in Hebrew, and “Rhor” in Arabic.

The techniques of Feng Shui bring tranquility and harmony into a living space, which buyers I of a home immediately feel. For sellers, this leads to more second showings, and consequently faster sales. The sense of uneasiness when visiting a home which is disorganized, cluttered, dark, and cramped can be described as “Blocked-Chi”.

Feng Shui, once solely an East Asian practice, is gaining popularity and acceptance in the West. Donald Trump consults Feng Shui experts when building his projects. Celebrities Oprah and Madonna have hired Feng Shui consultants for their homes, and claim to experience the benefits.

Counteract Negative Arrows

Sha arrows, also known as negative arrows, are formed by sharp corners or heavy beams, such as a protruding corner wall, sharp table corners, or heavy overhead canopy bed. If the elements are permanent and not easily removed, one can cover them with mirrors, crystals or wind chimes, in order to correct or deflect the negative chi.


A home crowded with items blocks chi, and prevents new opportunities from entering the space. When selling a home, making room for the buyer buyer’s fortunes and blessings can be conveyed by riding the space from clutter.

When a buyer sees an owners’ belongings as is messy and chaotic, the upkeep and maintenance of the home’s bones and structure immediately come to mind…  “If this is how the owners treat their stuff, I wonder how they take care of the plumbing and electric”.

Position Your Bedroom and Office Furniture

The “Command Position” in Feng Shui is a concept in which the most important area for the person of power in the room is to given a space facing the entry, at the farthest most point. To energetically feel in control, place an office desk diagonally from the office door, or place a mirror that reflects the entrance from the door. For the bedroom, make sure to never face the foot of the bed directly leading to the door, as this signifies how the dead is carried out. Ensure all furniture has at least a peripheral feel of the door, to convey the feeling of protection.

Kitchen – The Center of the Home

The Kitchen is the heart of where the home owner expresses love to their guests. Incorporating several Feng Shui techniques can improve the buyer’s vision for the home, as well as deflect food cravings for the owners. First off, never allow clutter of dirt to accumulate in the kitchen.  Secondly, if the cooktop is facing a wall and the cooks back is to the kitchen entrance, place a mirror behind the burners to reflect the stove. The reflection of the fire from the burners doubles abundance, and the cook’s vision of those behind him creates an environment of easy. Lastly, if the home owner wishes to lose weight, place a mirror in front of the fridge to deflect chi, as well as cravings.

Living Room

The main living area should convey an intimate space allowing guests to connect and converse. Arrange furniture in a self-facing position, with a central coffee table tying the seating together. Ensure all window coverings are arranged uniformly, and that any sharp corners of couches or tables are draped with linens. As always, remove clutter and unnecessary items, conveying that order even when the area is informal.

Dining Room

The dining room, another space to enhance abundance, should be clean, table top glistening or exhibiting an impeccable table cloth. A mirror on the adjacent wall, reflecting the dining room table, can be used to amplify energy, and double all food an bounty of the space. However, ensure the mirrors aren’t cracked.

The Master Bedroom – Zen Space for Romance

The master bedroom is an important space for rest, relaxation, and romantic time. Hues in the soft lavenders, greens and blues are ideal for enhancing serenity. Should you want to spice up the romance in your life, throw in reds and pinks! Avoid shades of Peach according to Fung Shui tradition, as it promotes unfaithfulness.

Feng Shui Experts in Miami

If you are looking to incorporate Feng Shui into your home, and live in the Dade County area, below are experts who come highly recommended;

A book I also recommend, which provides details on incorporating Feng Shui to sell a property, is Holly Ziegler’s Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui.  She outlines step by step tips you can use to ensure your home is received by buyers as clean, zen, and most of all well taken care of.

Many who incorporate these small design tips feel the difference immediately, and see positive impacts on their lives very shortly after. If you decide to incorporate any of these to your home, I would love to hear from you. Please comment below and let me know if you’ve noticed a difference!

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